Government can still do more to support UK business, CBI claims

Wednesday 9 January 2013

The coalition government must take immediate steps to put its growth plan into action, a leading business group has claimed.

Commenting after the Con-Lib alliance published its Mid-Term Review, John Cridland, director general of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), argued that more must be done to ensure a sustainable economic recovery.

He said that while the government "deserves high marks" for its commitment to tackle the budget deficit and restore the health of the UK finances, there is still room for improvement.

In some cases, the coalition's delivery has been disappointing, Mr Cridland claimed.

“Growth-boosting measures like house, road and rail building are getting too bogged down in the planning and procurement process," he noted.

“We don’t need a flurry of new announcements, but we do need to see the Coalition’s ideas translated into action now."

Mr Cridland offered the view that the government has been far too slow to open up public services to independent competition.

"This is the only way to meet budget constraints and maintain service quality," he suggested.

Posted by Dan Smith