All businesses are exposed to online attacks

Thursday 10 January 2013

The sophistication of cyber-attacks means it is impossible for businesses to be fully protected, one expert has claimed.

James Alexander, lead partner for technology, media and communications security at Deloitte, said external attacks are also commonplace today - with all businesses a potential target.

He said that companies need to act as if a breach is inevitable and have a documented response plan in place so they can react when it does happen.

"Unfortunately not enough companies are doing this so we think companies are being overconfident in their resilience," Mr Alexander stated.

He said companies must also embed a culture of cyber security in their staff.

"This is easier said than done, but each employee holds the keys to the castle and must understand that responsibility," the expert said.

"Spreading a secure culture should also extend to the businesses that companies work with."

He said firms need to collaborate to ensure strength across organisational boundaries.

Last month, a study commissioned by CipherCloud found that almost seven in ten (68 per cent) business decision makers are unable to estimate the cost of data loss.

Richard Olver, regional director of EMEA at the firm, said the majority of senior professionals lack understanding and expertise in this area.

Posted by Alex Boardman