Server virtualisation has various benefits

Monday 14 January 2013

Server virtualisation offers a number of potential benefits for businesses looking to increase their IT return on investment.

Firstly, the technique allows companies to save money by increasing the utilisation rates of their servers.

By using more of their server capacity, firms can use a smaller number of machines to power applications.

This not only helps reduce capital expenditure, but also ensures operational spending - such as electricity and cooling costs - is also minimised.

With fewer servers, businesses can also maintain smaller data centres - which also helps ensure costs are kept under control.

Another benefit is faster server provisioning - with companies able to bring new machines online very quickly.

And businesses can increase server uptime and improve disaster recovery processes, by abstracting IT functions from the machinery.

Don Williams, regional sales director at Veeam, recently told ARN that virtualisation and cloud computing are increasingly being seen as the norm.

He said that around seven in ten businesses have virtualised their server infrastructure already, and many more companies will in 2013.

Posted by Alex Boardman