Companies House reports rise in active firms in Dec

Monday 14 January 2013


The number of UK companies on the UK Active Register increased by more than 8,000 during the four weeks to December 30th 2012.

According to Companies House, there were 2,719,544 firms in operation in the week ending December 9th, but this number had risen to 2,727,758 by the last week of the month.

In England and Wales, there were 2,541,447 firms in operation at the end of December, up from 2,533,827 four weeks earlier.

Of these, 6,587 were listed on the stock exchange, two more than at the start of the month.

In Scotland, the total increased from 147,810 to 148,364, of which 242 were public firms - the same number as at the start of the month.

And in Northern Ireland, the number of active companies rose from 37,907 to 37,947 - 30 of which were plcs.

On the UK Total Register, there were 2,993,458 companies at the end of December, up from 2,978,323.

StartUp Britain recently reported record levels of entrepreneurial activity in Britain over the last 12 months, with 484,224 new companies coming into being.

This compares to the 440,600 new enterprises set up during 2011.

Posted by Sarah Parish