Small businesses need competent social media managers

Wednesday 16 January 2013

As small businesses look to capitalise on the marketing potential of social media, they should identify employees who can help strengthen the company brand via this channel.

According to Carrie Hill, director of online marketing at KeyRelevance, large companies are dedicating entire departments to their social media output - such is its importance.

But small companies can rarely afford a team of individuals to focus on online networking - they simply need competent staff members to post on behalf of the firm when they get the chance.

"If you're a small business, your successes are going to hinge on this person - or these people," Ms Hill told Search Engine Watch.

She suggested that good online networkers tend to be outgoing, socially adept, smart, passionate and forward thinking

However, Ms Hill said some of the best online networkers are not necessarily great communicators in person, as the skillsets between online and offline networking can be very different.

"Writing, and written communication, is very important," she said.

"Being able to compose a coherent, and often witty sentence, spell, think fast and admit fault are very important qualities in your social media manager."

Posted by Jenny Arthur