Email handling a relevant factor for hosting

Thursday 17 January 2013

Email handling is a relevant consideration when signing up for a hosting package, it has been claimed.

Kevin Partner, managing director of NlightN Multimedia, told PC Pro that it is important for companies to ensure they have access to enough email addresses for all their employees.

The number of addresses available may vary from package to package, he noted.

As such, when selecting a shared hosting tariff, businesses need to ensure there is a satisfactory number - otherwise they risk looking unprofessional.

"To have any credibility, you need to be able to send and receive emails from an address that includes your domain name," Mr Partner said.

"The days of being able to get away with an AOL or Hotmail email address are now long gone."

According to the expert, companies tend to get what they pay for when it comes to hosting deals.

For instance, a firm signing up for shared hosting cannot expect the same level of service - and variety of features - as one committing to a dedicated server.

As such, it is important for bosses to assess their IT needs and see which type of arrangement is a best-fit for the firm.

Posted by Alex Boardman