Key qualities of a successful entrepreneur

Thursday 17 January 2013

A number of common traits can be seen in successful entrepreneurs, one business leader has claimed.

Nicole Smartt, vice-president and co-owner of Star Staffing, told Business 2 Community that small business owners often have similar characteristics.

Firstly, she said they are passionate about their business idea, and about working for themselves.

Ms Smartt noted that tenacity is another important trait - business founders must be prepared to put long hours in.

Having an ability to learn can also help, as it is difficult to become an inspirational leader without reading up and educating yourself.

The next important characteristic is strong relationship building skills, Ms Smartt stated.

"Relationships are the bread and butter of success," she added.

"We need people to buy our products or services, and vice versa. The more connected you are, the more resources you will have access to and the easier success will be."

Business leaders must also have vision, Ms Smartt claimed, in terms of an idea as to where they want their company to go.

But discipline and a dose of realism are also important, as this can help prevent making the wrong decisions.

Finally, Ms Smartt claimed that successful entrepreneurs tend to be good time managers.

"The only thing we will never get back is time, so make the best use of it," she urged.

Posted by Sarah Parish