SMBs urged to focus on sales and marketing

Thursday 17 January 2013


Sales and marketing is a key area for any new small and medium-sized business (SMB), it has been claimed.

Rohit Arora, co-founder and chief executive of Biz2Credit, said that once a company is up and running, it is important to focus on actually delivering products or services to customers.

Writing for Fox Business, he suggested this can be the tricky part for some people - particularly if they are not experienced in the area.

"Some people are natural born sales people. Others are skilled at operations but not so versed in how to market their products and services," Mr Arora said.

"Your business cannot be successful unless you tell people about it."

He urged all SMBs to set up a good website, and ensure it is regularly updated with new content.

Business leaders should ensure their site explains what the company does, who uses its services, and how the firm can be contacted.

Mr Arora noted that most SMBs do not have the financial resources for large advertising campaigns, but they can build brand awareness cheaply using social media.

He told the news provider it is important to take advantage of this emerging channel, in the hope that word-of-mouth will help increase brand awareness.

Posted by Jenny Arthur