Too many employers failing to train older staff

Monday 21 January 2013

Too many employers are failing to recognise the value offered by employees aged over 60, it has been claimed.

According to a Skillsoft survey, just eight per cent of employers are actively investing in training and development for workers in this age bracket.

This is despite an increasing number of employees choosing to work beyond the traditional retirement age of 65.

Some 43 per cent of chief executive officers surveyed said they invest in training of all ages, but few offer specific development programmes for over 60s.

Kevin Young, general manager at Skillsoft, said two billion people will be over 60 by 2050, many of whom will remain in employment for longer.

As such, organisations need to re-think their training plans to accommodate this growing ageing workforce.

"The older generation can add so much value to an organisation with their experience, and failing to complement this with the latest key training, could potentially damage the future development of any business," he noted.

"With nearly 85 per cent of British bosses not considering training the over 60s as a priority, the problem appears more deep rooted than just a short-term cost-cutting exercise."

Mr Young said changes to the retirement age and uncertainty over pensions means that many over 60s want to work longer and remain an integral part of a company for years to come.

Posted by Sarah Parish