Social media used for relationship building

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Small businesses are using social media in an attempt to improve their customer relationships, it has been claimed.

IT analyst Gartner found that this was the top reason for investing in networking websites, the same as last year.

Other key reasons for investing in the channel include enhancing brand awareness or brand preference, and sharing information and ideas with customers, partners and suppliers.

The next priorities were establishing interactive relationships with customers and increasing organisational revenue through new products and customers.

Gartner commented that "year after year" the top reason for businesses investing in social media is for improving customer relationships.

"This is a significant finding for marketing organisations," the analyst stated.

"These specific marketing purposes and use cases can ultimately be connected to an actual business benefit: revenue from customers."

In a recent article for Social Media Today, Brad Smith advised businesses against trying to sell directly using networking websites.

He said that rather than promoting their products via social media, firms should be looking to increase brand awareness and visibility, establish trust with consumers and raise their purchase frequency rate.

Posted by Jenny Arthur