Business leaders must know why their company is special

Tuesday 29 January 2013

Business leaders should have a clear idea of their unique selling point - the aspect of their company which makes it special, it has been claimed.

Writing for Business 2 Community, Brian Morris said company bosses should be able to answer this question in a single meaningful sentence.

"It’s a fair question, after all, and the answer to it is the reason customers should buy from you and not your competitors," he stated.

"It’s the rallying cry of your business, and what you should get excited about sharing with others as you network and promote your company."

Mr Morris noted that there may be several qualities which make a company special, but the owner should include just one or two in a single-sentence answer.

"Look at your unique selling points and the benefits your customers receive to identify how your business is special," he urged.

A company may differentiate on expertise, experience, price, quality, speed of transaction, shipping costs or excellent customer service.

Mr Morris said business leaders should compare the qualities of their company with others in the sector they are operating in, as this may give a clearer view of the unique selling point.

Posted by Jenny Arthur