Organisations 'should not have heavy-handed approach to social media'

Thursday 7 February 2013

Trying to control employees' social media will not help organisations and is a strategically flawed policy, one expert has warned.

Hugh Mitchell, chief HR and corporate officer at the world's largest company Royal Dutch Shell, has warned that taking a heavy-handed approach to policing social media does not work.

Speaking to HR Magazine, he said: "In the litigious world in which we operate in business, people want to ensure every email is discoverable and that anytime someone makes a statement 15 lawyers check it.

"But we have to find a way of embracing social media. If you want to be effective in social media you need to be instant and empower people."

He explained that making social media work in a business sense is about "recognising the challenges" but not trying to control people's social media usage.

Shell is one of the biggest corporations on Facebook, boating two million users.

Posted by Alex Boardman