UK Information Commissioner slams proposed EU data privacy changes

Friday 8 February 2013

The UK Information Commissioner has slammed proposed changes to the European Data Protection Directive, saying they are bad for business.

The legislation in its current form should be thrown out, the expert has said.

This comes as the European Commission prepares to further discuss the recommended changes to its outdated data protection regulations.

However, it is facing challenges from US campaigners who are looking out for the rights of Facebook, Google and other tech titans that rely on data mining for income.

Richard Thomas, information commissioner, said: "We want it defined in terms of outcomes rather than regulatory process.

He said that the whole scheme needs to be "taken back to the drawing board" and warned that demanding a box-tick for data consent would result in a "continent of liars" as people will not have read the things they are agreeing to.

This comes after a survey from Ovum revealed that 68 per cent of internet users would prefer their personal data to remain invisible.

Posted by Dan Smith