Employees are embracing mobile working

Wednesday 13 February 2013

An increasing number of people are using mobile technology to work remotely or on the move, it has been suggested.

Writing for HR Magazine, Steve Hemsley said people are using connected laptops, smartphones and tablets to escape the confines of the office.

He noted that new and innovative technologies allow employees to interact with colleagues and clients from anywhere in the world.

More than one billion people are expected to take advantage of mobile working by 2015, Mr Hemsley added, citing figures from analyst firm IDC.

He claimed that small and medium-sized businesses can benefit in a number of ways by allowing their staff to work on the move.

"Companies that allow their staff to work from home, from their car, a business centre or even a café are reporting boosts in productivity from a more motivated workforce enjoying a better work/life balance," he claimed.

"Mobile working can also be a green and time-effective alternative to traditional commuting, while also cutting costs."

And in addition, Mr Hemsley said central office costs can be slashed by introducing hot-desking, where a number of workers may share the same workstation.

Office 365 gives small business employees the opportunity to choose when and where to work, without sacrificing performance or productivity.

Users can access files and documents in the cloud from any connected device, giving them additional flexibility to work as best suits them.

Posted by Alex Boardman