SMBs using cloud services for mobile working

Monday 18 February 2013

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are increasingly looking to take advantage of mobile working opportunities.

As more SMBs embrace cloud services, it is becoming easier than ever before for employees to work productively from remote locations.

Armed with laptops, smartphones and tablet computers, SMB employees are finding themselves able to work from almost any location.

All they need is access to their company's cloud services, and a reliable mobile broadband connection enabling them to get online.

Historically, many SMBs have struggled to provide employees with the sophisticated IT tools they need to raise productivity levels.

But since advanced solutions are now available to subscribers in the cloud - not merely those who can afford to purchase solutions outright - the landscape has very much changed.

Office 365 gives SMBs the opportunity to develop a more agile, flexible workforce, where employees are able to perform effectively away from the main company office.

Employees can access familiar Office tools, email, conferencing, data and more services in a simple-to-administer productivity solution.

So whether they are stuck at a meeting, travelling to another part of the country, or simply need to check their emails at night - mobile workers have the tools they need to be vital assets to their organisations.

Posted by Alex Boardman