Office 365 has benefits for small businesses

Thursday 21 February 2013


The upcoming release of Office 365 Small Business Premium has been heralded as "a big step forward" for online productivity.

Writing for PC World, Maria Korolov claimed that Microsoft is adding more and more functionality for web-based Office users.

She noted that the firm offers personal and business use of its online platform, plus simultaneous logins to multiple accounts in different browser tabs.

Ms Korolov claimed that Microsoft's Excel Web App is superior to Google Spreadsheets, while email package Outlook offers a number of benefits.

She claimed - having used the solution on both a desktop PC and the web - that the online interface is "simpler and clearer" than the desktop version.

"If your employees have been using Outlook all along, they would probably be happier with the Microsoft's online email client," the reviewer added.

Ms Korolov said that if small business leaders are 'on the fence' about which productivity suite to invest in, they should consider how important it will be to edit complex Excel spreadsheets online.

"If you really need online access to Excel charts, complicated formulas, and fancy graphics, go with Office 365 for Small Business," she urged.

Posted by Alex Boardman