UC enterprise social software has business benefits

Tuesday 26 February 2013


Unified communications (UC) technology can help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) boost productivity and achieve growth through the use of enterprise social software, it has been suggested.

A new report from 365iT Services said that knowledge-sharing successfully drives productivity and innovation within a business.

With UC technology, employees can access and share video collaboration tools on-demand as easily as making a phone call, the firm claimed.

"Mobile devices can become extensions of the corporate network, so that people can be highly productive from any location," it added.

365iT offers the view that UC can be "the ultimate solution" to business growth and productivity for SMBs.

However, the right technology platform and expertise is needed during deployment for UC to deliver on its platinum promise, it claimed.

SMBs have a range of options for sourcing multi-platform communications tools.

These include Microsoft Lync, which allows companies to take advantage of integrated instant messaging, calls, VoIP and video conferencing, among other solutions.

This can help employees collaborate more effectively, and also ensure workers are able to converse with clients and partners over the most appropriate channel.

Posted by Sarah Parish