Blog: Businesses must make the most of anywhere working

Tuesday 26 February 2013

Businesses are constantly being urged to take advantage of remote, mobile and home working, but how many are listening?

There are a number of potential advantages to flexible working - reduced overheads, increased employee engagement, higher productivity, better customer service and improved environmental performance to name a few.

But as a recent O2 study reveals, employees do not feel as if their bosses are encouraging them to look beyond the confines of the office and find the working environment which best suits their needs.

This has to be an oversight in the 21st century digital age. Employees have access to mobile broadband and Wi-Fi connectivity, and they have increasingly powerful and sophisticated smart devices.

But they need to be given the chance to take advantage of these utilities, and work in a way that is more comfortable, manageable and sustainable for busy, time-pressured professionals.

Workloads are continuing to increase as employees seek greater value for money from their staff, meaning employees need as much support as possible to do their jobs properly.

The use of mobile technology to support anywhere working gives employees a greater range of options - ensuring they can be productive at all times.

Should employees get snowed in, or find that their kids have fallen ill overnight, this no longer means they can’t do their work.

Instead, they can simply log on to their email account, or use the cloud to access work files and documents, and work as usual despite the unusual surroundings.

Posted by Sarah Parish