Outlook.com attracts millions of new users

Thursday 28 February 2013

Businesses and consumers have registered strong interest in Outlook.com during the service's trial period.

Since July 2012, email subscribers have had the option of testing the revamped version of the popular communications platform.

And millions of users have done so - around 60 million in fact, reports the Associated Press.

Some 20 million of these defected from Google's Gmail service to Outlook, eager to take advantage of the new features on offer.

These include the ability to send "massive" files in a single email, and address books that automatically update new contact information posted by social media connections.

As an additional benefit, there will be around 60 per cent fewer adverts than seen on Hotmail at present.

Microsoft is financing a multi-million pound advertising drive to promote its new version of Outlook, in what the news provider says will be "the biggest marketing blitz in the history of email".

The Associated Press said Outlook.com will be featured in ads running on prime-time TV, radio stations, websites, billboards and buses over the next three months.

Posted by Sarah Parish