Windows 8 web traffic increases in February

Thursday 7 March 2013

Windows 8 appears to have increased its user base in February 2013, based upon the findings of a new study.

According to data published by Net Applications, Microsoft's touch-friendly operating system (OS) increased its share of web traffic by almost half a percentage point last month.

Some 2.67 per cent of Microsoft web traffic could be attributed to Windows 8 users in February, up from 2.26 per cent in January.

Back in November, this figure stood at just 1.1 per cent, showing that the new OS is gaining in popularity.

Windows 7 remains the most popular Microsoft OS for now, with a 44.6 per cent share of web traffic.

In second place is Windows XP, which currently accounts for 39 per cent of Microsoft OS traffic, the study found.

But with more businesses and consumers turning to mobile technology based around the touch-screen experience, Windows 8 is expected to gain an increased share throughout 2013.

This growth process is likely to continue as older PCs and mobile devices are replaced in the future.

Posted by Sarah Parish