Blog: What are the main benefits of cloud storage?

Thursday 7 March 2013

By now you've probably heard about cloud storage - and you may even have been tempted to use it.

But what are the main benefits of using a third-party host for data storage, and why are so many companies now choosing this approach?

Here are a few of the main advantages of storing data in the cloud:

Reduced costs - cloud storage allows firms to shift to an investment model based on operational expenditure. There is no longer any need to go and buy a new server every time you need to increase capacity.

Scalability - users can upgrade or downgrade their account according to need, with little lead-in time required. This provides the flexibility to adapt to changing needs and industry trends.

Anywhere access - when data is stored in the cloud, it is accessible from virtually any device in any location. All you need is the required passwords and permissions, and a reliable internet connection.

Specialist expertise - using a third-party cloud storage provider offers immediate access to professional experts working for the firm, who are likely to have greater knowledge and experience than your own IT generalists.

Security - cloud storage providers invest vast sums of money keeping their IT infrastructure secure and in full working order, but can your business afford to do the same in-house?

Continuity - in the event of an outage or other form of disaster, data will still be accessible in the cloud. So even if your servers and storage devices are damaged beyond repair, the information will still be available online.

These are just some of the reasons why increasing numbers of businesses and organisations are embracing cloud-based storage services such as SkyDrive.

Posted by Alex Boardman