Basic passwords leave computer systems exposed

Friday 8 March 2013

Many businesses risk exposing their computer systems by using passwords which are too easy to hack, it has been suggested.

In a study conducted by Lifeline IT, one in five professionals surveyed said they use the word 'password' as their entry code.

This is despite 70 per cent of survey respondents ranking IT security as being vital for work.

A third of businesspeople said they utilise their date of birth as part of their password, while 15 per cent use a family member or friend’s name.

And 30 per cent leave their password on a post-it note by their desk, increasing the chances of their system being hacked.

Similarly, a third keep their passwords on their mobile device.

Daniel Mitchell, founder of Lifeline IT, said it is "really is quite shocking" to see how lax many businesses are when it comes to simple things like data security.

He claimed it is crucial for businesses to stay switched on when it comes to IT, if they want to ensure PCs are kept healthy and in full working order.

Posted by Alex Boardman