Turn Windows 8 PCs off safely using power button

Friday 8 March 2013

Windows 8 users can shut down their computer without touching their mouse, screen or keyboard, it has been claimed.

Writing for PC Advisor, Jim Martin said that through a simple configuration process, users can set their computer up to shut down using the power button.

He explained that, first of all, you need to type 'control panel' into the start screen, and then type 'power' into the search box which appears.

Under power options, select 'change what the power buttons do', and change the default setting on the 'when I press the power button option'.

This will initially be set up to send the computer to sleep, Mr Martin noted.

"Now, instead of using your mouse to shut down your computer, you can quickly press the power button to achieve the same thing," he stated.

"Of course, if you're happy to leave your PC in sleep mode, you don't need to configure anything at all. Simply get into the habit of pressing your PC's power button instead of clicking through the Charms bar for the same option within Windows 8."

Posted by Alex Boardman