TouchPal keyboard now available on Windows 8

Monday 11 March 2013


Windows 8 users now have the option of adding a TouchPal keyboard to their device, it has been revealed.

CooTek, the company behind the versatile software keyboard, has announced it now offers Windows 8 touch-screen support.

The TouchPal keyboard is designed to make it easier to type on-screen, using a keyboard which can be configured and resized.

Users are also able to take advantage of a word prediction feature, which can help speed up their word processing.

All Windows 8 touch-screen laptops, tablets and smartphones come with a default keyboard.

However, TouchPal gives users another option should they wish to customise their device.

Last week, technology commentator Jack Schofield explained that Windows 8 works for both touch-screen users and for those wishing to use a traditional mouse and keyboard.

Writing for the Guardian, he claimed that Windows 8 was designed as a 'touch first' interface, and that "this is the nicest way to use it".

But users can still do everything with a mouse and keyboard if this is their personal preference.

Posted by Jenny Arthur