Windows 8 tablets the best for enterprise, analyst claims

Friday 15 March 2013

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Small business owners aiming to deploy tablets across the enterprise should opt for devices powered by Windows 8, one analyst has claimed.

Patrick Moorhead, president of Moor Insight & Strategy, compared the leading tablets on the market and concluded that Windows-operated systems are better suited to enterprises.

He explained that enterprises need to "evaluate, deploy, train IT and purchase new tools" and said the fact that Windows 8 models offers backwards compatibility can help IT departments to cut the costs associated with adding extra security features to other new devices.

"Enterprise tablets now exist that provide the best of both worlds between end user and
IT," the study author says.

He added that companies will be unlikely to pay more to acquire the new breed of Windows tablets and, when factoring in additional new management tools, other models cost more.

"End users want style, simplicity and convenience and IT needs security, provisioning, manageability, deployment, support and service that is consistent with their current infrastructure for the lowest lifecycle cost," he concluded.

Posted by Steve Williams