Use Office 365 across multiple computers, expert urges

Monday 18 March 2013

Customer service

Businesses and other organisations can make the most of their Office 365 subscription by installing the software suite on multiple computers.

Writing for TechNewsWorld, Patrick Nelson explained that the solution can be used on more than one computer, ensuring customers get maximum value for money.

He explained the three simple steps users need to follow when installing Office 365 across a series of systems.

Firstly, Mr Nelson said users need to access their customer account page, using a browser on the second computer they wish to install office.

"The account page link is listed in the email you received when you first downloaded Office 365 Home Premium, either as a trial or rental," he explained.

"Enter your account User ID and password if prompted, and the My Account page will display. Check the Available Installs, you should see four available."

Mr Nelson said users simply need to click Install and follow the prompts - after which Office will be downloaded onto their computer.

Should the business reach the maximum number of permitted installations, but wish to switch one to a new computer, they have this option.

Mr Nelson noted that it is possible to simply deactivate one of the computers using a link on the My Account page.

Posted by Sarah Parish