BYOD creating security challenges for businesses

Wednesday 20 March 2013

The consumerisation of IT is one of the major challenges being faced by companies in terms of online security, it has been claimed.

Writing for Information Management, Keith Olsen noted that the bring your own device (BYOD) onslaught "became real" in 2012 and will become more pronounced this year.

This means that more employees will be bringing their own mobile devices - such as laptops, smartphones and media tablets - into work and using them on corporate networks.

Mr Olsen said the consumerisation of IT presents "serious data security challenges" for IT departments, as the number of entryways opened through managed or barely managed devices multiplies quickly.

"The drive toward a BYOD environment is being driven by the end user. Everyone from a C-level executive to the clerk in the mailroom wants to apply the ease of use they get from their personal devices to their corporate responsibilities," he stated.

"But as that happens, the number of access points into the enterprise from outside the firewall continues to grow exponentially."

As a result, Mr Olsen said the likelihood of a serious security breach "skyrockets" without the proper measures in place.

He urged business leaders and IT departments to look at the systems in place and their capacities to plug all security holes.

Posted by Alex Boardman