Data-object security adding extra protections

Monday 25 March 2013

Businesses need to accept that all systems are inherently insecure, and take steps to mitigate the dangers, it has been suggested.

Writing for the National Journal, Brian Fung claimed that more firms need to embrace the concept of 'data-object security' in order to protect their key assets.

He said that for most firms, systems such as email tend to be protected by a single password that, if broken, allows intruders to access all the information in the account.

"Networks and servers are similarly vulnerable; they’re little more than a lockbox for your data," Mr Fung noted.

"But if you assume that the lock will eventually get broken, that frees your attention to focus on what happens next."

He said firms should be looking to create security defences for the individual data segments, adding an extra layer of protection.

Josh Sullivan, vice-president for data analytics at Booz Allen Hamilton, told the news provider businesses are embracing "a whole new way of thinking" when it comes to security.

He claimed that a common ideal promoting good data stewardship will emerge as a result.

Posted by Alex Boardman