New upgrade for OneNote Windows 8 app

Monday 25 March 2013


Users of the OneNote Windows 8 app can benefit from a new upgrade, it has been claimed.

Writing for the Verge, Tom Warren said Microsoft has improved its pen and inking support for the app, which was originally released in July 2012.

He noted that the update adds a choice of customisable pens to the app, giving users a wider range of options.

"A radial menu will appear when a stylus hovers over the screen, providing a quick way to customise and switch between pens," Mr Warren said.

"Colour and thickness options can be set, and OneNote automatically remembers the settings for each pen slot."

However, he explained that the feature is only available for devices with stylus support.

Among these are the Microsoft media tablet Surface Pro, which is continuing to gain popularity among both business users and consumers.

Mr Warren explained that for Office 365 users, Microsoft is also adding support for access to notebooks on the cloud service.

"OneNote is the first big test of Microsoft's plan to move Office over to the new Windows 8 user interface, bringing new radial menu modes of interaction to make touch productivity easier," he claimed.

Posted by Alex Boardman