Fully account for organisational risk, businesses urged.

Tuesday 26 March 2013

A range of factors are contributing to increased security risks in business, it has been claimed.

Writing for Dark Reading, Ed Moyle said technology, business, strategy and directional changes all create difficulties for companies.

"As changes come faster and faster because of increases in the pace of technical innovation and business agility, the overall level of risk for any organisation rises," he claimed.

Mr Moyle said this puts organisations that want to approach risk systematically in "a bit of a quandary".

"How can changes to risk level be monitored and reflected in future practices and defences?" he questioned.

"What risk monitoring and reporting techniques are timely enough to allow organisations to take action?"

Mr Moyle said businesses need some way to hone security data into risk calculations, to ensure they are harvesting useful inputs, processing input at an interval that makes sense and reporting on it in a way executives can use.

He urged firms to determine what metrics make the most sense in light of the risk assessment methodology they intend to use.

Firms need information about the assets their organisation may use to support the business, about the threats those assets may encounter and any vulnerabilities they may have, Mr Moyle said.

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Posted by Alex Boardman