Windows 8 an ambitious move for Microsoft, reviewer claims

Tuesday 26 March 2013

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The new user interface for Windows 8 is one of the boldest moves Microsoft has made with its flagship operating system, it has been claimed.

Writing for PC Advisor, Martyn Casserly explained that every new Windows device on sale "proudly displays the colourful and dynamic design".

He described the new Start screen as being "an interesting environment", with large boxes from a multi-coloured grid sitting on a customisable background.

"Several tiles are live, meaning they update frequently to reveal the latest sports news, search trends on Bing, weather in your location, or news headlines," Mr Casserly noted.

"The addition of images that accompany the constantly changing news makes the whole Start screen experience seem alive and interesting."

He said that for the more organised user, there is the option to group the icons together in columns by dragging them into a new grid and then using the pinch gesture to zoom out.

"Selecting one of said icons also shows that Microsoft’s designers have a dash of flair. The tile animation expands, flipping over as it does so, before launching the app," the reviewer said.

"It’s a small detail but it adds charm."

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Posted by Jenny Arthur