Businesses missing social media engagement opportunities

Thursday 28 March 2013

Customer service

Relatively few businesses are utilising social media as a tool for two-way customer engagement, a new study has found.

Research conducted by Aspect found that only 40 per cent of businesses directly converse with their customers using networking sites.

The majority use networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn as a mass broadcast tool, the study indicated.

Mark King, senior vice-president for Europe and Africa at Aspect, noted that the customer conversation is changing, with firms no longer restricted to using the telephone to engage with their customers.

"Although it is fair to say that most organisations now recognise that being present on the most popular social media networks is a necessity, as that is where their customers are, it should be much more than just another way of talking about how great your brand is and not developing that conversation," he stated.

"Business leaders just don’t know where it sits in the organisation, who within the business should own it, and the ever-increasing importance of harnessing the unstructured content derived from that conversation."

Microsoft offers a range of collaboration and customer relationship management tools designed to ensure businesses establish a stronger bond with their clients.

Posted by Jenny Arthur