Employees can work productively off-site, expert claims

Thursday 28 March 2013

It is no longer the case that employees need to be on-site, in the office to conduct productive work, one business commentator has claimed.

Christian Berenger, business development director at Auto Time Solutions, said that increasingly, UK companies are adopting a more flexible approach to business.

He cited research from the Institute of Leadership and Management, which found that 94 per cent of organisations now offer flexible working opportunities in some form or other.

Mr Berenger said that although more people are seeking to customise their working day, some negative attitudes about negative working persist.

These tend to stem from the perception that workers can only be productive if they are in an office environment, he noted.

"But this is an outdated view and shows that employers have failed to adopt the right technology needed to support flexible working policies," he claimed.

"It is critical that businesses invest in the right technology to change any negative attitudes that may exist about flexible working practices, and to make it as practical as possible for them to incorporate a flexible working programme for their employees."

Microsoft offers a range of solutions geared at enabling employees to work effectively wherever they are based.

Office 365 allows users to access a range of Microsoft software packages in the cloud, as well as manage data and communicate across a number of different platforms.

Posted by Alex Boardman