Desktop PCs remain an office priority

Tuesday 9 April 2013

The rise of remote working has done little to reduce the reliance on desktops, according to a new survey which shows the vast majority of staff are still using a PC for office-based work.

Global analyst Forrester's new Forrsights Hardware Survey shows that 91 per cent of workers use a desktop PC when they are in the office, compared with just nine per cent who utilise laptops, tablets and other wireless technology as their main hardware device.

However, rather than choosing between one device or another, modern workers are increasingly combining the two, using a PC when at the desk and then utilising laptops and - to an even greater extent - tablets when on the move.

The advantage for firms is that it can help when controlling business costs, ensuring staff have access to corporate networks even when outside of the office and meaning that downtime is kept to a minimum, which further enhances business continuity.

The survey did shed light on the nature of modern employees' daily working arrangements, however, revealing that 29 per cent can now be classed as 'anytime, anywhere' workers with no set base.

Posted by Sarah Parish