Cloud-based business intelligence gaining popularity

Thursday 25 April 2013

An increasing number of companies are adopting business intelligence solutions in the cloud, it has been claimed.

In a survey conducted by Dresner Advisory Services, 75 per cent of respondents noted that cloud-based or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) intelligence solutions are important to their organisation.

Around a sixth of those interviewed said cloud-based business intelligence was "critical" to their operations, up from just one in ten 12 months earlier, reports Datamation.

Dresner Advisory Services said that marketing and sales, along with other end-user departments, are driving this trend.

"Whenever there is a constituency underserved by IT, those departments will be among the first to seek out a cloud/SaaS solution," the firm stated.

The latest Microsoft business intelligence technology can help businesses gain greater insight without an increase in IT costs.

Business intelligence tools - offering self-serve capabilities, collaboration, reporting, and analytics - give companies the ability to better execute and complete their vision.

New intelligence capabilities have been built into Office 2013, the latest version of Microsoft's productivity suite.

Posted by Alex Boardman