Technology delivers a return on investment for SMBs

Friday 26 April 2013

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are continuing to thrive despite the difficult economic backdrop, it has been claimed.

Julian David, director general at technology association Intellect, claimed that we are living in an entrepreneurial age where there are many opportunities for new companies.

He claimed that SMBs are using technology to improve their product and service offering, and also increase efficiencies.

Mr David said IT offers a return on investment for SMBs, both in terms of commercial growth and driving innovation.

"It is essential that we support these small businesses through providing access to practical support and counsel around the use of technology in their organisations," he stated.

"What is needed is on the ground support and the opportunity for businesses to learn from their peers and wider industry experience."

Mr David said it is essential to act on the information that SMBs are providing - that the right technology, used well by skilled employees, delivers serious returns.

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Posted by Sarah Parish