Initial messaging key to customer relationship management

Monday 29 April 2013

The first correspondence between a business and customer is all-important in terms of earning their loyalty, it has been suggested.

Writing for Multichannel Merchant, StrongMail's senior marketing strategist Jai Williams said the first marketing message a consumer receives is "a critical moment" from a customer relationship management perspective.

This is the best chance the company has to create a positive, lasting impression, develop a strong brand identity, and create awareness about the available products and services, he noted.

Mr Williams said the first message should in fact be the welcome message, and email is "one of the most intimate touch points of customer interaction".

"As brand marketers place more time and effort into making their email marketing communications more effective, the importance of getting as close as possible to a 1:1 connection with consumers becomes readily apparent," he stated.

Mr Williams claimed the key to establishing a 'real' connection goes beyond indiscriminately dropping your consumer lists into existing marketing campaigns.

"In order for connections with consumer audiences to be effective, these connections have to be viewed as relationships," he stated.

Microsoft Dynamics offers a range of customer relationship management solutions for businesses seeking to develop consumer loyalty to their brands.

Posted by Jenny Arthur