Blog: Should businesses be using less paper in the office?

Wednesday 1 May 2013

Customer service

An interesting statistic from Xerox - around 40 per cent of office paper is discarded within a day of anybody printing on it.

If this is the case then it begs the question, why are we as businesses continuing to consume so much of this resource?

Not only are we contributing to environmental decay, but in short, we are throwing money away.

An individual sheet of paper is not going to break the bank for anyone, but if this is multiplied by ten or a hundred thousand across a large organisation, the costs can mount.

Businesses need to consider whether they actually need to print out memos, invoices, agendas and the like in the era of mobile technology.

With smartphones and tablets becoming increasingly common within the business world, it may be more cost and energy-efficient to view documents on the internet.

There is certainly less chance of a paper sheet being lost or damaged - the document will continue to be available online for as long as the user requires access.

Reducing the amount spend on stationery - and perhaps more pertinently, printing - can free up valuable resources to be used elsewhere in the business.

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Posted by Steve Williams