Big data hype set to die down, claims Gartner

Friday 7 June 2013

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The hype surrounding big data will die out over the next three to four years, a leading IT analyst has claimed.

According to Gartner, the increasing maturity of technology solutions, and processes for managing information, will see big data regarded as "just data" by 2016.

The firm said that while data is regularly defined by the dimensions of volume, velocity and variety, information management concerns must be much broader.

“The bottom line is that not all information requires a big data approach,” said Frank Buytendijk, research vice president at Gartner.

“The new 'big data way’ is not going to replace all other forms of information management."

He claimed there is more room - and need - for experimentation in the area of ‘information of innovation' - for instance with social media data.

According to Mr Buytendijk it is important for organisations to understand that big data is not the only stream of innovation in information management.

He claimed that the industry is in the middle of what Gartner calls 'the Nexus of Forces', and it is in this combination mobile, social, cloud and information innovation where new opportunities arise.

"Information management has gone ‘cross-platform content delivery’, and this line of innovation hasn't ended yet," said Mr Buytendijk.

"For example, mobile devices offer location-based context to select the right data, and augmented reality and mash-ups."

However, the expert said that mobile content delivery is only a part of the impact on information management.

He noted that business analytics are moving forward "at an astonishing rate" and increasingly becoming available for consumers as well as businesses.

The firm highlighted the example of graph analysis, which helps determine rich relationships between data elements.

"Information is an asset in its own right. It has value," Mr Buytendijk stated.

"It is not something of the far future, in fact, this is happening today in various industries, in commerce and public sector, in large and small enterprises.”

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Posted by Dan Smith