Multiple devices used to access cloud office systems

Monday 17 June 2013

There has been a "substantial expansion" in the number of devices people use to access cloud office systems, it has been claimed.

According to Gartner, business employees are using up to four devices - a smartphone, media tablet, personal PC and enterprise PC - to use access their work accounts.

The firm said that in 2007, when the cloud office system market first appeared, typical individual users would employ just one device to access their enterprise's office systems.

"In 2013, that number has soared," Gartner stated.

"This explosion in the number of devices per user could drive some organisations to cloud office systems as they can reduce the IT burden of software installation, maintenance and upgrades of locally installed office software."

The analyst noted that device counts are "an important consideration".

It said that while businesses may need to buy licenses for each and every device that an employee uses to access non-cloud office systems and applications, cloud office systems are typically provisioned to each user.

As a consequence, staff members can access the same cloud system using a variety of different platforms, leading to "significant savings" overall.

Gartner said current levels of adoption vary by industry, with businesses in industries "at the leading edge", such as higher education, discrete manufacturing, retail and hospitality, being more likely to adopt cloud-based office systems at present.

Those in the intelligence and defense sectors, and in heavily regulated parts of the financial services and healthcare industries, are among the least likely to be early adopters, the firm claimed.

Worldwide, there are around 50 million enterprise users of cloud office systems, Gartner reported.

And the firm expects "a major shift" towards hosted services in the coming years, with penetration levels forecast to reach 33 per cent by 2017 and 60 per cent by 2022.

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Posted by Alex Boardman