How to backup Office 365 in the cloud

Friday 2 August 2013

Microsoft Office 365 is making a real difference for business employees on the front line, giving them the opportunity to access the IT tools they need from almost any device and location. With an Office 365 account, it is possible to access programmes such as Word, Excel, SkyDrive and SharePoint online, meaning employees can be more productive for more of the time.

But what happens if something goes wrong with your company's version of Office 365? Since the productivity suite can be used on up to five different devices, an inability to gain access or use the Office solutions could lead to loss of productivity. Equally, what happens if important documents or files, stored in the cloud, are accidentally lost or deleted? In such instances, backup services can be highly valuable for business users.

Accessing Office 365 in the cloud

Fortunately, in the cloud age, it is relatively straightforward to iron out any problems with your Office 365 subscription. Should there be a technical problem, a computer break down, or a device be lost or stolen, the suite can simply be downloaded and reinstalled on another. Most versions of Office can be managed by logging in to your Microsoft account and following the instructions. Follow the and you will be able to access your account details and manage your subscription.

Since Office 365 is installed online, there is no need to order new discs in case of an emergency, or burn back-up copies. Because Office exists in the cloud, users benefit from centralised Microsoft support - allowing you to access your account and key programmes at any time. You can also install additional instances of Office 365 onto other computers and devices, such as laptops and tablet computers, from your Microsoft account. This gives users the flexibility to choose where they operate from, without the need to sacrifice productive work.

Ensuring files and documents are accessible

More and more users are taking advantage of SkyDrive to store data in the cloud, and using SharePoint to collaborate with their colleagues, partners and clients. It is vitally important that the data stored online is secure and accessible at all times - and this is where vendor support and an uptime guarantee are all-important.

Office 365 customers are promised 99.9 per cent service uptime, with data and services always available and regularly backed up. Microsoft uses data centres around the world to ensure business users have constant access to their programmes, files and documents, with customer data stored close to the user's location in order to reduce latency.

Content is replicated from a primary data centre to a secondary data centre, meaning replication is constant and user information will always be backed up in the cloud. Data is stored in a redundant environment with robust backup, restoration, and failover capabilities. This means that - in the event of a technology disaster, theft, fire or flood at the customer's premises - data, files and documents can be rapidly recovered to ensure business continuity.

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Posted by Alex Boardman