Disruptive IT forces must be managed to contain costs

Wednesday 7 August 2013

Businesses need to manage a number of disruptive forces to avoid "explosive rises" in IT asset costs, it has been claimed.

According to IT analyst Gartner, IT asset cost optimisation is a growing concern for asset management and procurement professionals.

The firm says they need to manage the 'Internet of Things' - the network of physical objects that contain technology to sense and communicate, or interact with their internal state or the external environment.

Businesses also need to think about maintenance fees - which Gartner said are "rising steadily" - software audits and cloud computing.

"Professionals must be able to provide accurate cost models that compare traditional services with industrialised and cloud services, and be able to explain the comparative benefits and risks," the firm claimed.

Other potentially disruptive forces for businesses include mobile and app stores, virtualisation, big data and bring-your-own-device schemes, Gartner noted.

"Mobile devices - both corporate-owned and personally owned but used in the workplace under BYOD schemes - are adding new security and environmental risks and costs to the IT asset disposition equation," it stated.

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Posted by Alex Boardman