Sophisticated malware making IT security ever-more crucial

Thursday 22 August 2013


Businesses are at threat from increasingly target-specific and stealthy malware, an IT analyst has claimed.

IDC says modern malware is capable of evading signature-based defences, meaning systems are potentially at greater risk.

The firm said that, since the malware is simply a tool for the collection and exfiltration of data, sophisticated attackers are using different pieces of code for each phase of the offensive.

And this is making the detection of advanced attacks much more difficult, IDC claimed.

"Organisations have quickly begun to realise that they need improved protection against targeted attacks," said John Grady, research manager with IDC's Security Products group.

"IDC has seen these solutions become a strategic necessity for many organisations, especially in the financial services and government sectors."

He claimed that many companies are releasing funds in this area in order to prioritise the deployment of security technologies.

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Posted by Alex Boardman