Analyst urges continuing focus on IT cost optimisation

Thursday 29 August 2013


Businesses face the challenge of continuous IT cost optimisation, one analyst firm has claimed. According to Gartner, cost-reduction practices are never complete - they are an ongoing process.

So even after several years of lower spending and increased efficiency within the IT department, businesses need to continue in the same vein.

Some 65 per cent of chief information officers surveyed by Gartner said the main barrier preventing their companies from achieving continuous optimisation of IT costs was related to mindset.

IT leaders felt that, if their people were fully motivated to achieve the same goal, they would make a greater impact on savings.

Sanil Solanki, research director at Gartner, said firms often fail to achieve the desired results from their optimisation initiatives, and costs end up returning to the business.

He said CIOs need to target higher maturity IT transparency practices, greater agility, increased accountability, greater simplification and increased discipline as they look to reduce IT costs.

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Posted by Alex Boardman