Social media offers great value to SMBs

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Customer service

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) can use social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter to their advantage, it has been claimed.

Julia Bramble, founder of social media consultancy Bramble Buzz, said customers now expect to find businesses and brands active on networking websites.

She told Guardian Professional that if SMBs do not have the right social media presence then they will potentially find themselves missing out on trade.

Ms Bramble urged SMBs to focus on their target market as they seek additional value in the social media sphere.

"The key message is to think about who your customers are," she told the news provider.

"Think about everything you know about them, where they live, what their lifestyles are, what their interests are, business wise and outside of business."

Such information can provide "big clues" as to the social networks these individuals are likely to be using - meaning SMBs are better-placed to reach out to them online.

According to a survey conducted by Manta, 74 per cent of SMBs believe networking online is as valuable as doing so in person.

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Posted by Jenny Arthur