Office 365 uptime is all-important for business users

Tuesday 3 September 2013

In an increasingly competitive business environment, it is more important than ever for professionals to have access to the information and tools they need to do their job from any location. In the 21st century - the digital age - it is vital that businesses are agile and able to operate flexibly, allowing them to respond to the ever-changing needs of their customers. IT enables them to achieve this, with cloud-based solutions allowing individuals to operate on any web-enabled device from any connected location.

Accessing productivity solutions in the cloud

Microsoft Office 365 gives business professionals access to a wide range of desktop programmes - including the likes of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access - from almost any device. This means they no longer need to be sat at a desktop PC in the office to be productive - they can get out and about without having to sacrifice time and effort. Office 365 also offers a host of communication and collaboration features, ensuring your people can work together effectively regardless of their location.

Equipping employees with mobile solutions

With businesses able to take advantage of increased mobile functionality through cloud innovation, it is understandable that an increasing number are inviting their employees to work in this way. Companies are signing up for Office 365 in order to equip their employees with the tools they need to work effectively on the move. Armed with a connected mobile device and a Microsoft account, they can perform the same tasks regardless of whether they are in the office or on the train, in a taxi, at a remote meeting, in a hotel or at home.

Ensuring access to Office 365

In order to access Office 365, and work more productively on the move, employees need three things. Firstly, they require a web-enabled device - and, of course, an Office 365 subscription, and secondly, they require stable access to the internet. But, on the vendor side, they also need continued access to Office 365. Should the service suffer an outage - through no fault of the end-user - then subscribers can be left without access to this vital service.

It is mission-critical that Office 365 users have constant access to their programmes, documents, files and data in the cloud. And to this end, Microsoft makes a significant investment in the underlying infrastructure, ensuring services are constantly available to end-users. Service availability is monitored and measured, as the percentage of minutes per calendar month that users are able to access Office 365. If this dips beneath 99.9 per cent, customers are entitled to a proportion of their money back.

What are the risks of Office 365 downtime?

Global uptime figures for Office 365 during the last four quarters have been 99.98 per cent, 99.97 per cent, 99.94 per cent and 99.97 per cent. This demonstrates Microsoft's commitment to ensuring 24/7 access to online productivity solutions, meaning they are available whenever your people need them. Whether this is during the normal working day, early in the morning or at night, users will be able to access the hosted services they need to do their jobs more effectively and reach the highest possible levels of performance.

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Posted by Jenny Arthur