Websites are a useful business marketing tool, says expert

Wednesday 4 September 2013

Businesses should not overlook the marketing potential of their own websites, one industry expert has claimed.

Rob Gatto, president of Aggregate Knowledge, told BizReport that many companies fail to capitalise on the "significant" website traffic they receive.

He suggested firms should look to derive value from internal advertising before looking elsewhere on the internet to spend their digital marketing budgets.

"Targeting users on their own website with dynamic messaging driven by audience overlays is a great way to take advantage of the customers that visit your website," he claimed.

"Retargeting efforts can then be layered on top as these same customers are seen across the internet in general."

Businesses which subscribe for Microsoft's cloud-based productivity suite Office 365 are able to build their own websites for free.

Easy-to-use online tools enable users to set up websites with little expertise, add content and publish them in seconds.

This allows Office 365 users to connect with customers, affiliates, and partners wherever they are.

Posted by Jenny Arthur