Windows 8.1 is to launch next month

Wednesday 4 September 2013


Windows 8 represented a major advance for Microsoft, with a new desktop design and a host of new operating system (OS) features. Over the last ten months, millions of businesses users and individual consumers have used the latest Windows version to their advantage, to work faster or more productively, stay connected on the move, and take advantage of the exciting apps and cloud functions now available to them.

But innovation continues at a rapid rate and there can be no standing still. As such, a major OS update is on the way - Windows 8.1 is to be released next month. From October 18th, PC, laptop and mobile device users will be able to further optimise their IT experience with new features, enabling them to make even more of their connected devices.

Boosting the Windows 8 experience

Antoine Leblond, corporate vice-president of the Windows Web Services team, noted that Windows 8.1 comes in response to customer feedback and "an unparalleled level of collaboration across product teams". "We have delivered in a very short time an update to the OS that will bring an even greater unified experience for our customers," he stated.

"As we consider the code we just handed off, and the new intuitive and fluid computing experience it provides - anytime, anywhere, across all devices – we’re confident we made the right bet in continuing our vision and following through on our commitment to rapid innovation and responsive engineering," Mr Leblond said.

Responding to customer demand

Mr Leblond describes the upcoming launch of Windows 8.1 as "an important milestone" for Windows. He said that, with customer demands increasing all the time, Microsoft has had to evolve the way it develops new solutions, and the timeframe in which they are delivered to the market.

Bringing out a major update within a year of the original Windows 8 release has required Microsoft to work more closely with its hardware partners than ever before, Mr Leblond explained. "Our hardware partners are in a position to prepare the wide array of innovative devices our customers can expect later this [autumn] - just in time for the holidays," he stated.

Why release an update now?

"Reaching this milestone is about optimising the overall experience for our customers," Mr Leblond commented. "Over the next several months we’ll see beautiful, powerful devices, from the smallest tablets to the most lightweight notebooks to versatile 2-in-1s, as well as industry devices designed for business." He said Microsoft is "super-excited" to see Windows 8.1 help deliver the next generation of devices and a one-of-a-kind experience that's in sync with the way customers live - at home, at work, and on the go.

What will Windows 8.1 have to offer?

An improved search function, increased range of apps, enhanced internet browsing and built-in cloud storage are on the way, plus much more. But naturally, you'll have to wait until October 18th to enjoy the full range of new features for Windows 8. If you're eager to get an insight into what the new OS version will be like, you can visit the Windows 8.1 Preview webpage where a pre-release version is available for you to try.

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Posted by Sarah Parish