Businesses are failing to act on privacy, study reveals

Monday 30 September 2013

A new study has revealed many businesses think their existing privacy activities are inadequate, raising concerns about IT security.

In the Gartner poll, just 43 per cent of respondents said their organisation has a comprehensive privacy management program in place.

Just 38 per cent scan websites and applications, or conduct an organisation-wide privacy audit every year, the analyst found.

And seven per cent of companies said they only do "the bare minimum" where compliance with privacy laws is concerned.

"More than a third of organisations still consider privacy aspects in an ad hoc fashion," noted Carsten Casper, research vice-president at Gartner.

He said it is "surprising" that so many companies say they are not conducting privacy impact assessments before major projects.

Mr Casper said businesses need to invest more in privacy, and have a dedicated person or team to drive related initiatives.

He explained that almost 90 per cent of firms now have at least one person responsible for privacy.

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Posted by Alex Boardman