Ignore business continuity at your peril, firms warned

Friday 18 October 2013

Business meeting

Companies need to put business continuity plans in place to minimise the risks posed by IT outages, it has been claimed.

In a new report, insurance broker and risk management company Marsh warns of the dangers of having a Plan B for technology infrastructure.

The paper, seen by Out-Law.com, claims technology outages and software failures resulting in supply chain and operational disruptions can cause significant loss of income, increase operating expenses, and damage organisations' reputations.

"Any business that assumes its technology is impervious to any failure - especially as businesses increasingly rely on technology to conduct business operations - is ignoring a critical risk," the firm stated.

Marsh said businesses should consider insurance, but also put in place a well-planned and effective risk management program.

Microsoft offers a range of continuity solutions which help reduce business risk, including Security Essentials - which provides protection against viruses, spyware, and other malicious software - and Windows Defender - which offers an integrated line of protection, access and identity management products.

With SkyDrive, businesses can store thousands of files for security and accessibility, and with Windows Server 2012, they can protect data while simplifying their path to the cloud.

Posted by Alex Boardman